Advice on Mobile Air Coolers
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Advice on Mobile Air Coolers
People often get confused about the difference between a mobile air cooler and a mobile air conditioner.
Here I will explain some of the differences you need to know in order to make an informed decision on which one to purchase.
The mobile cooler works by using an endothermic reaction, this simply means that when the unit draws in the hot dry air it passes through the water in the wick and evaporates, this removes the heat out of the air and returns it cooler. This type of process is ideal for cooling an object or a person, this type of unit will not cool the whole room down like an air conditioner would, this is where people get confused about the differences.

The advantages this type of unit has over the air conditioner, is that you can position it any where in your house without having to install a window vent to extract the hot air from the unit, you should however, make sure you have a window open when using this type of machine, this will let the humid air from the cooler escape to the outside.

The coolers work best in a hot dry environment with very little humidity, an area with high humidity would cause the unit not to work as efficient as it should, the reason is the cooler works by taking moisture out of the air, if the air already contains a lot of moisture (high humidity) it will not operate at its full potential.The design and function of this type of unit means it is less expensive than an air conditioner, and is easier to maintain for the average person, you should think of an air cooler as an upgrade from an electric fan, the difference is, it uses ice and water to provide much better cooling than the electric fan.

Mobile air conditioners work on a different principle to air coolers, they operate very much like a refrigerator using freon gas, unlike coolers, air conditioners will transfer all the heat in a room to the outside of the building through a vent in the window or wall.
ALL mobile conditioners must be vented to the outside of the building, the reason for this is that during the process of cooling the room the conditioning unit produces heat, this heat must be transferred to the outside, this is the only way the unit can be fully effective.

Air conditioners also remove some humidity out of the air when in operation, this means they work very well in high humidity areas. Because of the design and cooling process that mobile air conditioners use in operation it makes them more expensive than the coolers, another thing to consider is maintenance, to maintain your conditioner is not quite as easy to do as an air cooler, and should be done by a trained cooling engineer.

Your decision on which cooling unit you need should be based on the fact that a mobile cooler will only cool an object or person and needs an area of low humidity to work efficiently, and are relatively inexpensive compared to a mobile conditioner. Where as a mobile conditioning unit will effectively cool the whole room down, and they work extremely well in high humidity areas, but these can be more expensive than a mobile air cooler.

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